Practical ways to help support Black Lives Matter from the UK

The American civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, said that ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’. People have questioned why protesters in the U.K and across the world have felt the need to demonstrate over the police killing of George Floyd, when the crime happened ‘in another country’ and over ‘4000 miles away’. Such statements miss the bigger picture; events in America have shone a harsh, almost blinding light on the racism and prejudice that permeates through societies and institutions across the globe, including the U.K. This injustice is centuries old, and from cradle to grave, it negatively impacts the lives of black people in Britain. This website aims to provide information on the root causes and effects of structural racism, and share initiatives and ideas aimed at addressing these issues, both in the U.K. and beyond, which you can support through donations, signing petitions, and other active engagement.

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